Kretes in 5 minutes

The video below shows how to create a full-stack web application in TypeScript using Kretes in about 5 minutes. This doesn't mean 5 minutes is enough to create a web application using Kretes in general - the video was edited for conciseness. The intention is to provide a dense introduction showing what's possibe in Kretes and how it can help you be more productive when creating web applications in TypeScript.



In the video we are building a task management application using TypeScript with the following characteristics:

  • Node.js on back-end
  • Vue.js 3 on front-end.
  • PostgreSQL as a persistence layer
  • TypeScript on back-end & front-end
  • Nix for managing external dependencies (e.g. a database engine).

Finally, please remember: this project is in alpha stage.

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