Directory Structure

The application directory has a number of auto-generated files and folders that make up the structure of a Kretes application. Here's a quick rundown on the function of each of the files and folders that Kretes generates by default:

components/components (React.js, Vue, etc) used to build the applicaton UI (client-side)
config/the application config
config/client/the client-side config mostly for setting up UI libraries & frameworks (React, Vue.js, etc) + TypeScript config
config/server/the server-side config: the routes declaration + TypeScript config
config/default.ymlthe database config, the deployment endpoints and everything else as YAML
controllers/controllers define how to handle the server-side routing
site/the paths of your app, i.e. everything after the root (/) of your domain. It can be client- or server-side (including plain old HTML pages). The structure of this directory maps to the path structure.
static/static assets
types/a place for TypeScript types i.e. type & interface definitions
package.jsonnpm dependencies needed for your Kretes application

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