Installing Kretes

Kretes can be installed as a command-line tool, or as a Visual Studio plugin.

Using CLI

Install kretes globally to use its CLI commands

npm install -g kretes pnpm

You can now use the kretes command, or ks alias, to execute commands.

Usage: kretes <command> [options]

  kretes new [dir]           Create new project               [aliases: init, n]
  kretes start               Start the application           [aliases: start, s]
  kretes add <pkg>           Add package as project dependency
  kretes install             Install dependencies
  kretes update              Update packages
  kretes upgrade             Upgrade packages
  kretes setup               Setup the development environment
  kretes database [command]  Database operations                   [aliases: db]
  kretes deploy              Deploy the application        [aliases: deploy, de]
  kretes routes              Display routes                         [aliases: r]
  kretes background          Run background processing             [aliases: bg]
  kretes doctor              Run the doctor utility               [aliases: doc]

  -h, --help     Show help                                             [boolean]
  -V, --version  Show version number                                   [boolean]

  kretes new my-project  Create and initialize `my-project` directory
  kretes start           Start the application

for more information, find the documentation at

You need at least one command before moving on

As VS Code Plugin

Install the Kretes extension from the VS Code Marketplace.

Kretes Zap: Installing the Extensions

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