Inserting into Database

Finally, we can define the API handler for adding new tasks to the collection. We need the create handler in the task controller. Put the following code in site/_api/task/create.ts:

import { Handler, database as db } from 'kretes';
import { Created } from 'kretes/response';

export const create: Handler = async ({ params }) => {
  const { name } = params;

  await db.from('task').insert({ name });

  return Created();

Refresh the page, and try adding a new task via the form. The new task should be added to the list and it won't disapear, even if you refresh the page in the browser, since the tasks are stored in the database on the server.

Optionally, let's clear the input field once a new task is added. Modify the file app/components/TaskInput.tsx as follows:

const { register, handleSubmit, errors, reset } = useForm<Task>();

const onSubmit = handleSubmit(data => {

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